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DIVINE AYURVEDA & ACUPUNCTURE CENTER being run by Dr. Ravi Dewan a graduate in Indian System of Medicine (Ayurveda) is providing a unique blend of Indian System of Medicine (Ayurveda) & Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture). These two are the most authenticated & most sought after treatment regimens of eastern medicine. A lot of stress is being laid on use & up gradation of these two systems even at the global level. The two have been recognized by WHO as authenticated treatment procedures. New researches & clinical trials are highlighting usefulness of these systems on various diseases & even such medical conditions which do not find any nomenclature in conventional medicine. These two systems have so much in common with regard to basic principles and yet have distinct treatment techniques which find references in both the systems.

Our Services

We have been working on large & varied syndromes (group of signs & symptoms) which closely resemble the following diseases


Prolapse inter vertebral discs

Trigger thumb

Trigeminal neuralgia

Tennis elbow

Cervical spondylosis

Varied diseases of eyes


Rheumatoid arthritis


Frozen Shoulder



Addictions of various types







Primary & secondary infertility

Irregular & painful periods


Side effects of chemotherapy





Varied diseases of stomach


Irritable bowel syndrome

All Skin Diseases


  • I was suffering from Fistula-in-ano since early 2015. I have undergone Kshar-Sutra treatment under Dr. Ravi Dewan from 05.02.16 to 12.04.16. I'm now completely cured. My view about this treatment is that this treatment is miraculous. After treatment my lifestyle has again come to normal. During treatment also I was quite comfortable to attend my office regularly. I recommend to patients suffering from Fistula-in-ano to go for kshar-sutra treatment without any delay. Dr. Ravi Dewan has rich experience in Fistula-in-ano cases treatment.
    Mr. Yogesh Sharma
  • I had been constantly suffering from Migraine, Anxiety and Cervical Spondylosis since February, 2015. I underwent Acupuncture treatment under Dr. Ravi Dewan at Divine Ayurveda & Acupuncture Center from September,15 to December, 15. Now I'm feeling much better. My view about this treatment is that it is very effective for patients of above said diseases. I thank Dr. Ravi Dewan for his support, which helped me in recovering from these health related problems.
    Neha Arora
  • My views about this treatment are that I was suffering from sever pain in my neck for which I had consulted many hospitals & doctors but did not get any relief. I even underwent physiotherapy for this pain but had no relief. Then I heard about acupuncture treatment, from my sister who was undergoing this treatment under Dr. Ravi Dewan. I started to take acupuncture from Dr. Ravi Dewan and only after two sittings I'm feeling much-much better, almost cured of my pains. For this I thank Dr. Ravi Dewan from heart.
    Jasvir Kaur

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