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In this we try to stick to strict ayurvedic diagnosis with recent scientific developments based purely on ayurvedic principles, because we believe that providing ayurvedic medicine considering only modern diagnostic techniques & modern nomenclature of diseases won't give desired results, because the very basis of action of ayurvedic medicine is the humors of VATA, PITTA & KAPHA. On this basis it is impossible for same medication to be applicable for treatment of a disease on each & every individual. So each individual is different and needs a different medicine based on his prakriti & that of disease. Though we do take advantage of modern diagnostic techniques as benchmarks for diagnosis conformation, progression of treatment & patient awareness.


We provide at our center most authenticated ayurvedic medicine from the pharmaceuticals which adhere to strict manufacturing norms, use authenticated raw material & which have a strong R&D; backup. We are the authorized dealers for ARYA VAIDYA SALA medicines which are most authenticated ayurvedic medicine of the world.


We are proud that we have introduced this system of medicine in our center because we are the pioneers to provide unique blend of best of the two most authentic eastern medical systems in this area & the results we are getting with this combination are to be seen to be believed. Acupuncture is fast becoming the most researched and most favored system of traditional medicine all over the world. With acupuncture we have been able to overcome shortcoming of instant relief in many of the diseases & we have been able to take up & provide relief to some of the most difficult medical conditions like deafness, ptosis, acute & chronic sciatica. As the basic principles of Ayurveda & Acupuncture are almost same it has been very easy for us to amalgamate both these systems together in our practice.


We are providing kshar-sutra treatment for fistula in ano. We are working in close collaboration with a general surgeon & an anesthesiologist as a team for such procedures. Kshar sutra for fistula in ano is a wonderful, almost painless procedure with almost nil chances of recurrence. Till date none of our patients has reported recurrence or any kind of discomfort after completion of process.


Right now we are only partly imparting Panchkarma treatment. We are just providing treatments like NASYA, KATI VASTI, JANU VASTI & GREEVA VASTI etc. Though we plan to start full-fledged Panchkarma center sometime in near future.

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